One of our favorite commercial projects was with Fisher Neal and Learn to Hunt NYC. We conceptualized the project, wrote the script, hired the actors and crew, supervised the shoot, editing, and color correction, and created Facebook ads from the larger piece. You can see the full length commercial here.


This trailer showcases the amazing Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin and her show Resistance Live, one of the number one rated and most patronized video podcasts on Patreon. The trailer showcases Elizabeth’s amazing hosting style, which combines legal analysis with motivation and personal development. Check out the full trailer here.

Facebook Ads

We’re huge fans of the power of Facebook ads, and perhaps nothing’s more powerful than a Facebook video ad. Check out these short commercials we optimized for Facebook to promote Quad Expo’s Yamaha free ride event here and here.

real estate & interactive video

Video is a great way to introduce potential buyers to homes and properties, business owners to rental spaces for offices or events, and more. Check out our luxury real estate samples and our standard real estate property examples.

course video

Have amazing content that you know people need but not sure what to do with it? You can always turn that video content into a course like Krista Leavitt of The Curl Specialist did. It’s a great way to repurpose your content, help people out, and set up your own passive income stream. Check out Krista’s course here. 

Speaker reel

If you don’t know Molly Mahoney of the Prepared Performer, you must make yourself acquainted, and watching her speaker reel will show you why she’s so much fun to have at your next event or conference. A speaker reel is a great way for organizers to see your work so they’ll hire you for their event.


Our Promise

We want you to feel the power of video to help you grow your business. Whether you need guidance while you DIY or you want a done for you solution, we’re here for you.

Michael is great! He gave me a free one hour consultation and prepared a social media strategy for my business that I can actually follow! Michael has my business on his mind and has sent me helpful tips and content to post. I am looking forward to continuing work with Much More Media.
Kristin Smith Westbrook
Founder, Calm City
Recently Michael Moreno finished a video editing project for my business regarding an online course I put together. His experience was integral in putting together a clear and concise video out of the footage I gave him. He had a harder job than usual because my footage was a bit jumbled, but he still did an amazing job and I was very impressed with his professionalism, his patience, his advice, and his editing skills. I would highly recommend using his services to anyone and will use his business again for projects that may come up in the future. Thank you Michael for producing a great product that I can be proud of!
Krista Leavitt
Owner, The Curl Specialist

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