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Much More Media is a media company that helps businesses tell their story through video. We thoroughly believe that in today’s day and age, every business can be their own media company, and businesses can use video to connect with their people in a unique, value filled, and exciting way.

We guide businesses through every part of the process

We guide businesses through every part of the process from:

-Getting clear on your business’ values
-Identifying your ideal client personas
-Creating a video strategy unique to you, your needs, and your brand
-Figuring out what the story you want to tell is and how it is best told
-Deciding what success with video looks like for you and your brand and setting campaign goals
-Thoroughly researching your market and competition
-Storyboarding, script writing, selecting the creative team, and more
-Filming and editing your video content
-Setting up repeatable systems so you can continue to use video to tell your brand story
-Bringing attention to your video and your story
-And thoroughly analyzing what we did, how it worked, and creating a plan you can follow for next time

Much More Media was founded in 2017 by husband and wife team Michael Moreno and Cristin Downs. Together, Michael and Cristin help you achieve your business goals through a customized approach, compelling content, and systems you can understand.


Michael Moreno

Founder, CEO

Michael Moreno is a creator, producer, and strategist for visionary small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to use video to tell their brand story. He’s helped clients use live video, live streaming, commercials, and serialized video content to build brand attention and create followings across multiple industries, from photography to hunting, from acting to finding relief from Parkinson’s disease, and more. His signature approach to video content comes from decades of work as an actor, stand up comedian, and producer. Michael’s been featured in Backstage and by his alma mater Chapman University. Hailing from Southern California, he lives in New York City with his lovely wife Cristin and adorable son Malcolm.

Cristin Downs

Founder, COO

Cristin Downs is an innovator and disrupter for small businesses and visionary entrepreneurs who want to change the world with their brand. She’s helped clients disrupt the thought patterns that are holding them back, find the “one of a kindness” in their message, set up the systems they need to be successful, and drive attention to their brand’s work. Cristin’s approach comes from a thought system pioneered by her named Theatrical Thinking, the attention seeking, problem solving cousin to design thinking, all based in the training, theory, and concepts of theatre practice. Cristin’s been featured on NPR’s The Big Listen and received her alma mater’s Alumni Award for a single exceptional achievement for her relief work during Hurricane Sandy. She lives in New York City with her handsome husband Michael, mischief maker son Malcolm, and the pet menagerie!


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Our Process



We develop a strategy based on your goals, your business, and your preferred way of working.



We either implement that strategy for you, or we help you set out to do it yourself with an on call mentor and how to guides, all based on your budget.



We analyze analyze analyze what we do, how it worked, how your audience responded, how we could tweak to see better results, and re-strategize. Over and over again.

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