Much More Media

We help businesses use video to tell their stories to grow their brands

Our 3 Part Framework

Part1: personality

Who’s the face behind the brand? Your audience wants to see you, hear from you, and understand why you do what you do.

Part 2: Process

Your audience wants to see you behind the scenes. They want to see the process! They want to know how it works. Let them see your process through video. 

Part 3: Product

What is the actual product your business produces? Books? Authors? A physical product? Your audience wants to see the whole thing, top to bottom.

What we can do for you

brand Trailers

Show off your brand through a video trailer where you can tell your story and share your values directly with your audience.

Speaker reels

Secure those amazing speaking engagement by showing event and conference organizers exactly what you bring to your talks.

Strategy sessions

Not sure where to start? Have tons of content and no idea how to repurpose? A strategy session based on YOU will get you moving forward.

And more!

Mike helped me create an awesome video to promote my business and got my social media churning. He is passionate and creative and you'll love working with him!
Fisher Neal of Learn to Hunt NYC
Fisher Neal
learn to hunt NYC
Mike has fantastic ideas for your business! If you are looking for new ideas on how to use video in social media and get them to work for you - Mike and Cristin have them!
Lena Hart
Alexander Technique SF Bay Area